A mirror is not just something you look into to comb your hair or repair your make up. It is an important part of the décor of any home. Unlike other decorative items,Guest Posting it is not static. The image is displays will keep changing depending on the angle of the viewer and the light falling upon it.


But mirrors by themselves are not decorative items. They can be made so by placing them in artistic metal frames and making them metal art mirrors. While wrought iron frames have been popular for a long time and have been used extensively to enhance the appeal of bathroom and open areas, modern designers have started using a variety of metals and shapes to create a vast range of modern metal art mirrors. Depending on your personal taste and preference you can go in for heavily embellished metal art mirrors from India, antique Victorian mirrors with heavy scroll work, art deco metal art mirrors in geometric shapes or frames of complex design where the mirror is only a part of a larger work of art. Metal art mirrors encompass all these and more. Sizes can range from pieces as big as a wall, with either one huge mirror on multiple small ones, mounted different angles to reflect different facets of the room, to a small wall or table piece that is beautiful not by what it reflects but simply because of the artistic combination of glass and metal.


Glass and metal have long shared a special relationship. The earliest mirrors were shiny reflective sheet of metal. When glass was created, on of the first thing to be paired with it was a frame to protect it from metal wall art breaking. While wood was, and still is, a popular framing material, metal, because it is hard like glass, has always seemed the more appropriate material. As the metal work was embellished and decorated, the metal art mirror was born.


While metal art mirrors are by themselves highly decorative items, their placing in the house can contribute a great deal to the effect they have on the décor.


A large metal art mirror placed at the end of a small hallway not only adds beauty but creates a feeling of space.


Add space and style to your bathroom by placing small metal art mirrors at different places so that when looking in one you see multiple reflection of yourself.


Hanging a metal art mirror with a soft metal frame of brass or copper and reflecting a soft light off it will create a warm effect combining both the light reflected off the glass and the glow from the frame.


A small room may be made to appear larger than it is by hanging a large open type frame, with grill or scroll work which has many small mirrors embedded in it. Using one large frame for many mirrors will not make the wall seem overcrowded and the open nature of the art metal frame will allow the wall to be visible and make the room appear larger.

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