The first thing you notice on the window of the PlayStation-3 is that it is huge. But this is unbelievable about 1.5x larger than X Box. Box design itself is worthy of mention,Gaming experience with Ps3 wireless remote controller Articles because it is relatively clean and the front is a picture of the console without wires floating six-axis controller in black and red background.

Game, the player can move to manage the change, left and right, front and rear, as well as during the process. It could be the induction of players in action, when the motion of objects can be managed with ps3 wireless remote controller. The accuracy of the six 안전놀이터 lines of induction is quite high and the motion acceleration ps3 wireless remote controller can also be detected instantly. Compared to the traditional game, which is relatively with the new mode of operation.

The transfer of the double handle Shock 3 is dependent on 2.4 GHz wireless data. Ps3 wireless remote controller also supports the function wired remote control and DVD at the same time, it is similar to the movement induction and 6-axis vibration function. While PS3 Wireless Controller has completed the desire for players to PS3 rumble feature. When the wireless feature of ps3 wireless remote controller is opened with the help of the battery, can keep the PS3 handle about thirty hours of time. Additionally, the induction system of movement and the wireless feature, there are the buttons of PlayStation exhaled main menu in the center of the handle. R2 and L2 buttons are very important to distance as the angle of the rocker is very large, if the profit of ps3 wireless remote controller is very impressive. It can be done on the load when the USB cable and PS3 Home is connected at random.

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