Home remedies can be application of pain relieving gels like Biofreeze gel,Different Therapies to Heal Muscular Pains Articles use of heat to alleviate the pain or gentle massage to the affected area. However, if the pain is serious, then one must visit a doctor immediately to get a better treatment. Following are some of the treatments that can be done at home very easily or as directed by a certified medical practitioner or a doctor.

Cold Therapy – When we are talking about cold therapy, we don’t mean low level laser therapy or the cold laser therapy (which is also a therapy for relieving muscular pain, but is conducted in medical centers that have facilities for laser treatments). At home, cold therapy is applying of ice or ice pack to the affected area immediately after the injury to reduce the pain. How cold therapy works on painful muscles is exactly the opposite of how hot therapies work. Cold therapy diminishes the blood flow and reduces inflammation. The ice compression needs to be reapplied in every 2 to 3 hours till the pain subsides. Elevating the affected par t can further decrease the blood flow to that region. Applying of pain relief gels like Biofreeze gel also works best with cold therapy or cryotherapy.

Hot Therapy – This is yet another popular therapy which is most commonly light therapy equipment for sale used in households and in sports for muscle injuries. It is also called thermotherapy and is used to increase the blood flow to the injured area. Heat therapy increases the extensibility of the collagen tissues in the affected area. This therapy can be done by using hot cloth, hot water, heating pads, hot water bags etc. In addition to pain relieving creams and gels, heat therapy works on reducing inflammation and supplying of oxygen, protein and other nutrients that helps in faster healing process.

Touch Therapy – The success of touch therapy is clearly visible in the mushrooming of spas and massage parlors everywhere, in all corners of Canada. At home, you can treat minor muscle pains and injuries by applying pain relieving gels such as Biofreeze gels and then spread it around the affected area by massaging the region which gives double benefits of the gel and the touch therapy.

Electrotherapy – Using machines like TENS Unit, you can provide electrotherapy at home to get relief from acute or chronic muscle pains. However, this should be done only when recommended by doctors or physiotherapists.

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